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Diamond Lapidary Flat Lap Disc 8″ – variety of grits


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BRAND NEW Electroplated Diamond Flat Lapidary Disc MADE IN CALIFORNIA USA
Flat Laps are used to grind and polish slabs or other flat surfaces such as crystals, geodes, and can be used for some cabs. The laps can be either vibrating or rotary. Vibrating laps use silicon carbide grit or polishing powders much the same way as tumblers.
For Machine Use. Professional quality for gemstone. Suitable to grind and polish, lapidary, jewelry, glass, rock, gemstone etc. High density diamond coating. Good polishing performance. Wear resistance. Convenient to use. Long polishing life

Product: 8 inch ( 8″ ) Lapidary Disc
Hole Size: 1/2 Inch ( 1/2″ )
Thickness of the Disc: Less than 1 mm or 3/64 Inch or 0.036 Inch
Grits: 1000 Grit, 800 Grit, 600 Grit, 320 Grit, 170 Grit, 120 Grit

Intended use
Wet polishing for granite, engineered stone, concrete, marble, limestone, travertine
Grinding and polishing granite, marble, concrete
Grinding and polishing concrete floor, stone floor, granite floor, marble floor, terrazzo
Fast removal of material on concrete
Removing scratches


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