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Diamond vacuum brazed RADIUS (B5) profile wheel


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BRAND NEW Diamond Vacuum Brazed Radius B 5 Profile Wheel
In general diamond profile wheels are made in various shapes and sizes. They are used to cut or grind the surface of your materials in order to create your desired edge. Designed for use on granite, hard marble, engineered/natural stone, and hard (cured) concrete. Excellent for smoothing rough surfaces, leaving uneven spots, or profiling edges. General purpose for professional user.
For Machine Use

Product Name: Diamond vacuum brazed radius
Main Material: Steel
Condition: Brand New
Wheel Diameter: 85 mm or 3.3 inch ( 3.3″ )
Diamond Part Diameter: 65mm or 2.6 inch ( 2.6″ )
Radius: 20mm or 3/4 inch ( 3/4″ ) High
Grit Size: 40/50 Coarse Type
Arbor: 5/8″-11w Female Threaded
Cutting Method: Wet or Dry Cutting

Intended use
Machining ceramic materials, magnetic materials, silicon materials, thermal spraying alloy materials
Machining high-speed steel, cast iron
Grinding hard alloy, ceramics, optical glass, gem and other stones
Smooth uneven surfaces and remove flashing


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