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Grinding Diamond Powders from size 325/400 to 60/50 mesh


 Diamond Powder  Grinding Diamond Powder



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Diamond Powder is used to smooth surfaces and sharpen metal blades
You can use diamond powder on metal surfaces as well as ceramic, glass, and other mineral products. In addition to polishing and sanding, diamond powder can clean the surfaces of any of these materials + semiconductors
New synthetic diamond grinding, represent crystals and aggregates with the developed surfaces. Synthetic diamond grinding powders are used for manufacturing suspensions, grinding and development tools, cutting disks, etc. The same commercial quality diamond powder is used by professional gem cutters around the world. Exceeds US standards for purity, size and uniformity. Creates highly polished, shiny, mirror finish

Sizes: From 325 to 50 Grit
Amount: 10 grams or 50 carats and 5 grams or 25 carats
Extremely High Polishing Efficiency
Good Surface Finish
Excellent cutting rates
Provides a good smooth finish
Extends working life of tool and assists in building sharper, stronger edge

Intended use
Best use with the wool polishers for polishing
Suitable for use on jewelry and gemstones, steel and hard metal, super hard materials
Recommended for polishing various metals, alloys, minerals, glass, ceramics, carbides, semiconductors
Polishing stone, marble, granite; Polishing stone, marble, granite

There are the following 12 different types of powders:
325 Grit, 325/400Mesh = 45/38 basic range size from 38 to 45 Microns;
270 Grit, 270/325Mesh = 53/45 basic range size from 45 to 53 Microns;
230 Grit, 270/230Mesh = 63/53 basic range size from 53 to 63 Microns;
200 Grit, 230/200Mesh = 75/63 basic range size from 63 to 75 Microns;
170 Grit, 200/170Mesh = 90/75 basic range size from 75 to 90Microns;
140 Grit, 170/140Mesh = 106/90 basic range size from 90 to 106 Microns;
120 Grit, 140/120Mesh = 125/106 basic range size from 106 to 125 Microns;
100 Grit, 120/100Mesh = 150/125 basic range size from 125to 150 Microns;
80 Grit, 100/80Mesh = 80/150 basic range size from 150 to 180 Microns;
70 Grit, 80/70Mesh = 212/180 basic range size from 180 to 212 Microns;
60 Grit, 70/60Mesh = 250/212 basic range size from 212 to 250 Microns;
50 Grit, 60/50Mesh = 300/250 basic range size from 250 to 300 Microns;

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25 Carats, 50 Carats, 100 Carats


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