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TechDiamondTools is a Silicon Valley based manufacturer of polishing diamond compounds of various usage. Since 2013, we have sold more than 50,000 polishing compounds and become an Amazon bestseller with organic 4.8-star reviews for all our products. We have won the trust of customers in the USA and far beyond its borders. Over the years, we ship to Canada, to Australia, and to Europe every day. Specialists in the gem industry, watchmakers, techies, and hobbyists, and experts from other various fields order our product again and again. Whether they need to polish a gemstone to a mirror-like finish, sharpen a collectible knife, remove a scratch from their iPhone screen, or give a bright shine to a 1967 vintage aluminum auto grill, they can rely on our diamond polishing compounds.

We are extremely loyal to our clients and, therefore, we continually test new diamonds and powders to maintain the quality of our product and ensure that it always provides perfect results.

Our product portfolio also offers a wide range of professional diamond tools for cutting, drilling, polishing, lapidary, and many other purposes. Our inventory includes saw blades, core bits, grinding wheels, tungsten carbide saw blades for wood and metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), drill bits, concrete saws, tile saws, core drill rigs, and there is much more for exploring in terms of solutions for customer’s specific needs.

Along with the consumer’s satisfaction, it’s important to us to stay environmentally friendly and responsible. Thus, we wholeheartedly support sustainable development and practice minimal packaging, reusing, and recycling.