High-Quality Diamond Compounds and Diamond Tools

TechDiamondTools is a Silicon Valley based manufacturer of polishing diamond compounds of various usage.

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  • 10 + Years on the market
  • 75000 + Sale
  • 150 + Products
  • 16 Types of diamond pastes
  • 60 Sets of diamond pastes

Tech Diamond Tools Advantages

Why Customers Choose Us?

About Us
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    USA family-owned business

    Small USA family-owned business

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    Oil-based compounds

    Facilitates faster cutting

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    High concentration of diamond powder

    Up to 50% concentration of diamond powder in our pastes

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    Always freshly made product

    Long lasting service

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    No colors added

    Safe for materials with high permeability

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    Rapid manufacturing

    Short lead time on bulk orders

Our Insights

What Customers Say

October 4, 2021
8,000 Grit, 50,000 Grit, 200, 000 Grit The powder worked amazingly well! It was just like it should be. 2weeks tumbling with walnut shell pieces gives a smoothness to gemstones and minerals one cannot top!
Thomas Brooks
August 12, 2021
Ordered the 3K, 14K and 50K paste in the 50% concentration and I'm getting great results using a smooth veg tanned leather strop I made myself. I put a pea sized dot on the leather and use a single edge razor blade to spread it out. My knives and tools remain hair popping sharp after a few strokes on the strop after each use. I'm using the ...
June 30, 2021
Good abrasives. Works well on tungsten carbide.
June 30, 2021
Used 4k, 8k, 50k on Ethiopian opal and did not have any issues with the color of the diamond paste bleeding in my opals. I would buy again.