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Diamond Polishing Compound, 1 piece, 5 grams

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Use it to:
  • Lap and polish marble, metals and alloys, glass and ceramic
  • Sharpen and strop knives, razors, and tools
  • Lap and polish gemstones such as opals, agates, jades, amethysts, etc.
  • Polish and clean jewelry, silver
  • Remove scratches
  • Remove stock
  • etc.

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Made in USA TechDiamondTools polishing compound is a go-to tool for lapping, polishing, and sharpening. It’s oil-based and has no color additives. The former facilitates faster cutting, and the latter makes it safe for materials with high permeability. Another beneficial feature is its versatility. Use it both for manual and machine polishing; to lap and polish metal, glass, ceramic, and stone surfaces. Furthermore, a diamond paste is the most suitable compound for sapphire crystal and tungsten carbide polishing. Whether one needs to polish a gemstone, sharpen a knife, or remove a scratch, TechDiamondTools polishing compound will perform each of those tasks and even more.

  • Size: Grit 200,000-400 (0,01-80 microns) –  at your option
  • Concentration: High (50%), Medium (25%), and Light (10%) – at your option.
  • Weight: 5 grams /0.176 oz
  • Oil-based
  • No color additives
General usage instructions:
  • Clean the surface thoroughly.
  • Apply a small amount of polishing compound on a piece of wool cloth or a polishing tool of choice.
  • Spread the compound evenly.
  • Buff the surface in a circular and (or) back-and-forth motion until you achieve the desired results.
  • To avoid contamination, use separate and different pieces of cloth for each different grit size used.
Grit guide: 
  • 200,000 Grit, 0-0.1 Microns – The Finest Polish
  • 100,000 Grit, 0 to 0,25 Microns – Final Polish
  • 50,000 Grit, 0 to 0,5 Microns – Final Polish
  • 14,000 Grit, 0 to 1 Microns – Final Polish
  • 8,000 Grit, 0 to 2 Microns – Mirror Finish
  • 5,000 Grit, 1.5 to 3 Microns – Mirror Finish
  • 4,000 Grit, 2 to 4 Microns – Mirror Finish
  • 3,000 Grit, 3 to 6 Microns – Fine Polish
  • 2,000 Grit, 4 to 8 Microns – Fine Polish
  • 1,500 Grit, 6 to 12 Microns – Pre Polish, Fine Lapping
  • 1,200 Grit, 8 to 16 Microns – Lapping Metals
  • 1,050 Grit, 12 to 20 Microns – Lapping Metals
  • 800 Grit, 14 to 24 Microns – Stock Removal or Lapping Metals
  • 600 Grit, 22 to 36 Microns – Stock Removal or Lapping Metals
  • 500 Grit, 36 to 54 Microns – Medium Fast Lapping
  • 400 Grit, 54 to 80 Microns – Medium Fast Lapping

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 1 in

High (50%), Medium (25%), Light (10%)

7 reviews for Diamond Polishing Compound, 1 piece, 5 grams

  1. bobby gandotra

    works great on glass surfaces. My apple watch polished like new all scratches gone.

  2. Suzanne

    200,000 (H) Grit
    100% this takes a fresh cured resin piece & not only gives it a smooth surface like silk but magnifies the shine & of the iridescent colors underneath when using a holographic or iridescent glitter in the resin. Like the Parmesan Reggiano finishing touch to the pasta dish – it’s ok without it but OMG! The final touch makes all the difference.
    I’ll send you picks over the weekend & yes a whole different market than your original intent needs you & the containers you use are clean easy & allow the smallest amount used.

  3. James

    I am an amature lapidary who only just started working about a year ago. I began using TechDiamondTools diamond polishing pastes at that time. I have used most of their available compounds, from 44 micron (400 grit) to 0.1 micron (200,000 grit), and have had great success with them, even though I’m still very new to the craft. I have used their products on a very wide variety of materials, including acrylic plastic, granite, quartz, agate, tiger’s eye, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, titanium, steel, tungsten, and a great big 40mm decorative cube of solid tungsten carbide (which is a wonderful geek present for a chemist like me). One noteworthy piece (besides the WC cube) is a zinc plating anode ball that I cut in half, polished, and then etched with HCl to show the metallic crystal structure. In every case, from soft plastic to ultra-hard engineering material, TechDiamondTools diamond pastes have worked exceptionally well.

  4. C. Nightbird

    5 Stars – Excellent paste and fast delivery.
    I use 5000 Grit for finishing high end cutlery on a Buffalo skin strop, with the smooth side up.
    I spread a VERY light coat on the slightly heated surface of the strop until just the reflection of the diamond compound can be seen in bright light. A little goes a VERY long way.
    C. Nightbird
    Swing Blade Pro Sharpening Service

  5. Thomas Brooks

    Ordered the 3K, 14K and 50K paste in the 50% concentration and I’m
    getting great results using a smooth veg tanned leather strop I made
    myself. I put a pea sized dot on the leather and use a single edge
    razor blade to spread it out. My knives and tools remain hair popping
    sharp after a few strokes on the strop after each use. I’m using the
    50K ultra fine grit to strop my disposable razor and I’m still using
    the same blade after almost three months! Great products and I’ve
    recommended your company to many friends and family members. I’m sure
    I’ll be buying more but it lasts so long that it will probably be
    awhile before I need any!

  6. Tom

    We love your product. We are polishing aluminum with 3000 Grit and it helps us cut polishing time way down from our previous process. It
    has been really great.

  7. Jerry C. Reich

    Where has this been all my 50 years of knife sharpening??!!
    This product is SO MUCH easier to apply to either my leather strop on a board or on the leather loop on a sanding machine.
    And it works GREAT!
    I am so glad to have found this product!

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