Gem Polishing with Diamond Compounds

August 4, 2022

Gem polishing is one of the most popular applications of diamond polishing compounds. Hence, to answer our customers’ questions and provide them with details and tips, we never stop to learn more about the gem polishing processes. Not long ago, we reached out to Midwest Faceters and asked them whether they would like to test our diamond polishing pastes. Now, there is an article by Dr. Reg Williams in The Midwest Faceter where Dr. Reg shares their experience of working with our compounds. Please, find it further below. We hope you will enjoy the reading and find some new tips.

The cover of The Midwest Faceter magazine with a picture of Nigerian Sapphire
The first page of the July issue of The Midwest Faceter.
An article about gem polishing with TechDiamondTools diamond polishing pastes.
The article about the TechDiamondTools polishing compounds.
How to polish a Petoskey stone?
How to remove phone-screen scrat...