How to polish a Petoskey stone?

Thanks to one of our magnificent customers, we can share some tips about Petoskey stone polishing with you. If you seek the best way to do the job, check what Lindsey does to get her rocks to shine like stars.

1) Soak rocks in vinegar for a few hours.

2) Use a metal file for shaping and (or) to smooth out any extremely rough surfaces.

3) Hand wet sand with 100/150 grit paper for at least 30+ minutes.

4) Wet sand with 220 grit for the same amount of time.

5) Then, wet sand with 320/400, 600, and 1500 grits (you do not have to spend as much time with these grits).

6) Then, use a piece of denim to polish with the 5,000 Grit diamond compound.

7) Repeat with 14,000 Grit and 200,000 Grit.

8) Use a separate piece of denim for each Grit.

9) Be sure to change your water frequently and rinse the rock thoroughly between each sanding.

That’s it. Now, you know how to add some mesmerizing shine to your stone.

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